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Re: Staghorn

> From: "Colin Gorton" <colingorton at wanadoo_es>
> Subject: Re: Staghorn
> Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 11:24:05 -0800
> From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
> Subject: Re:Staghorn Update
> Dear Tom
> <snippage>  I think I should have asked a simpler question: is Staghorn Algae a
> problem?
> I think I may be over-feeding, too:-(.
> Thanks again
> C:-)lin

I may not be the right person to be responding to this considering I am currently involved
in a shooting war with my algae but.....

In my tank the staghorn was somewhat spotty and pretty easy to remove by hand.   It seemed
to come off my driftwood with much effort.  None of the fish that I have in the tank
seemed to touch it so hand removal was the only option.  I have otos, a flying fox, and a
few mollies in my tank.

The consensus on here and some other spots on the net seems to be that flag fish are the
way to go.  I am going to order some next week and we'll see what happens.

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