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hi all

long time no post.

right, lets get down to the topic. my snail population has grown somewhat,
and have just noticed that i am missing 3/4 of my utricularia.

i have thought about it, and have decided not to pick all the snails out of
the tank and throw them over a wall or something, or the bin. it's a waste
of life for them to shrivel up in the air. but what about a snail sanctuary?
by this i mean a seprate tank with an airstone and lots of snail food(leaf
cutting, algae enriched food, vegetable flakes) the snails could then be
placed in there.

and if the population got too big for that, then there would be no other
choice but to feed them to the birds(i seem to have befriended a lot of
birds in my gaden over the years) at least this way the snails would give
their lives so that others could live. any thoughts/ideas/comments?

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