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Re: Staghorn

> Subject: Re:Staghorn Update
> Dear Tom
> Thanks for the reply, I think I was confusing myself.

I think I do a good of that without any algae at all:)

> I've just discovered that my pH meter was underr-reading! The pH should
> have read 6.4 (I checked it with a second probe and cross-referenced
> that against an Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kit). Talking of which,
> I've discovered a supplier of Aquarium Pharmaceuticals products, so I
> now have a choice of AP, Sera and JBL:-).
> I am hoping that the extra light from the MHs willallow the plants to
> grow faster, produce more O2 and use up some of the nutrients.

This will likely happen. Don't be afraid to have good water movement and
some surface turnover, just not lots of surface movement.

> I think I should have asked a simpler question: is Staghorn Algae a
> problem?

It seems to leave most tanks on it's own if you keep good conditions up.
It will stick around longer than most but not as long as BBA for instance.

> I think I may be over-feeding, too:-(.

Check the NO3 and NH3 then. If there's a rise during the week starting right
after you do a water change then you are for this tank and this set up. This
will change when you get a new MH light(if you add more CO2 and other
elements etc). I over feed but my tanks are mighty lean on the N and
uderstocked. I have lots of snails and shrimps waiting to get at the
Tom Barr