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Re: Carbo-Plus answer


I use 3 "green bars" in a 90 gallon aquarium.  Just watch your pH so
that your aquarium stays around 6.8.

Best wishes and enjoy,


Any other Carbo-Plus users out there?

John Guild wrote:
i too use a Carbo-Plus unit. I have only had it (and my planted tank)
for one 
month, but the extent to which my plants have grown in that month is 

question to you Merrill: how many "green bars" do you have lighted up on
Carbo unit? i generally run mine at 8 bars, and i have the unit set
under the outflow tube from my canister filter. the tube is below water 
level, and it "blows" the very fine bubbles produced by the Carbo-Plus
down and forward to the front of the tank where you can watch them
rise toward the surface - excpet most never reach the surface, becuase
dissolve into solution before they can get there!!!