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Re: nuking BGA

Roger S. Miller wrote:

> An open question to the list... Does it seem like we get an unusual
> percentage of problems reported by people who use RO water?  Problems with
> BGA specifically?
I haven't noticed that.  But if it is true there are two quite different
possible explanations:  First, that the use of RO or filtered water causes
the problems; secondly, that people who have problems turn to RO or filtered
water in an attempt to solve them.  I think the second explanation is more
likely to explain a correlation (if there is one).

> Forbem, let me encourage you to use tap water in your tank.  That will
> simplify your hobby and leave you with more time and resources to
> concentrate on things that are more worthwhile.  If eventually you need to
> add something to your tap water....

I think most of us who use RO or filtered water do so to get rid of things
in our water, not because we want to add stuff to the water.

John Godbey
Springfield, VA