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heating cable sources

Not to restart The Great Heating Cable Debate but....

I am looking for a set to go in a 92 gallon tank.  According to George's
website and my calculations, I think 100 Watts would be my best bet (150's
aren't available and maybe 100's would stay on more anyway..).  It appears
the only options are:

1. M3 has the non-grounded Azoo's which I view as a non-option (although
Edward tells me they are expecting a  new line soon that is grounded, I'm
not sure if they are low-voltage)

2.  Pet Warehouse has a grounded set (that according to Shawn back in Sept)
is Aquarium
landscapes brand but is apparently high voltage, not low.

Since Edward and Shawn both mentioned this at same time on digest, I presume
that M3's new line is AL?  As usual though, I am probably wrong he, he...

Are they the only ones marketing cables (in the US) anymore?  I want both
low-voltage and grounded and while I have a lovely, brand new set of Dupla's
I bought back before they disappeared, they are the wrong size.

Obviously no one would have experience with these cables if they aren't

Also, does anyone know if the controllers for the cables utilize X-10's?  I
plan to use an Icecap electronic ballast and want to avoid X-10s.

Thanks, and no I didn't deliberately wait till I saw George and Steve Pushak
teasing each other again, he, he. :)