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Swords losing chlorophyll

I'm having a problem with some sword plants.  Some of the older, longest
leaves look like the chlorophyll is draining out of them, leaving just a
lacy skeleton of veins and capillaries.  I think the same thing is beginning
to happen to some more recently added Sagittaria subulata.  The newer
shorter leaves look all right.

The pet store didn't seem to know the particular type of sword, but they
look something like one of the pictures of Echinodorus argentinensis or
bleheri, that I found on AquaPlant.  The leaves are more oval, less pointed
than the pictures of E. amazonicus.  When I started about a month ago, some
of the leaves reached the surface, i.e. about 15 inches up.  Now, all are
under 10 inches.  I have them all at one end of the tank, about 2 inches

I have a 30 gal. tank, with about 2-1/2 to 3 inches of gravel and 15 pounds
of laterite mixed in.   I used the Plant Guild substrate injector and their
PMDD tab maker to add about 18 tabs to the substrate. A week later, I added
another 6.  There is 60 watts of fluorescent Aqua rays illumination. I also
have an M3 CO2 system and have adjusted the pH to about 6.8  The KH is 4.5.
The timers for the lights and the CO2  are set for 10 hours per day.  There
are about 30 inches of slim-bodied tropical fish.

Would appreciate some advice.  Thanks.

An 'umble beginner,

John T. Fitch
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