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Two new sites has been added to the index at http://www.AquaPlant.org :

GreenLine ( http://www.aquaticplants.eu.com )
An importer and nursery of aquarium plants in Great Britain. They also has
an Internet shop with a searchable galley of about 150 plants, all with
thumbnails, a few attributes and a short descriptive text.

aquaflora ( http://www.aquaflora.nl )
A nursery in Holland. The have a searchable plant galley with about 200
different plants. Currently only their pond plants are in the galley. There
are pictures and a few attributes for all plants.

At the same time the Vijverplanten site has been removed from the index as
it was a copy of the aquaflora site.

This brings the number of references in the AquaPlant index to over 6000.

I plan to add new sites to the AquaPlant every month or two, and I was
thinking to send a mail like this to the list and to
news:rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants at these occations. If you don't think
this is appropriate use of the aquatic-plants list, then let me know.

An aquarium plant Web search engine! Easily search among several thousands
of references to more than one thousand different plants.