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This is to announce a new Web site:


The AquaPlant site is a Web search engine for aquarium plants. The AquaPlant
engine currently indexes 35 sites, and the index contains more than 5800
references to more than 2000 different plants (species, variants, trade
forms, etc.), more than 1100 of these are known to be used in the aquarium
hobby; the remaining 900 plants are known to be used in the garden pond or
the terrarium, but many of these are often talked about in the aquarium
hobby as well. The index has links to more than 3400 pictures of more than
1300 different plants.
Although the quality of the references of course is varying, this is an
amazing amount of information! I do not believe that so much information
about aquarium plants have been collected anywhere else. You can read a
little more about the AquaPlant site at: http://www.AquaPlant.org?help=home

Have fun,

e-mail: AquaPlant at AquaPlant_org