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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #736

thanks for the advice on cloudy water....i added DI water
because the guy at 
the aquarium said that if i did not (if i used tap water) i
would get 

what exactly is "TANK CYCLING"?

-john guild

I wouldn't listen to Mr. Bonehead at the local fish store.
Unless you need some crack. Cause he's high.
Tap water will not cause algae(unless it is almost distilled
quality-not many places like this), DI will.

Hard water does not cause algae. Super soft water will.

Tank cycling is a basic aquarium thing. Nitrogen cycling is
something you can look up on the web, Krib etc. Almost all the
sites go into this in detail. Check em out:)You'll be glad you
did will save a bunch of dough.
Tom Barr

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