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Sayonara iron

Those of you who are sure you can do better than I can have your big 

The cleanup fairy destroyed my iron test kit factory in the latest Xmas 
I am not reopening it.
So you can get into the iron test kit biz on the bottom floor.
I will tell you everything I know, including part numbers and vendors.

You can enter the iron test kit biz without the pain of research.  All it 
takes is about $100 for supplies and you are off and running.  Just email 
me and I will send you the full info package.

Put your money where your mouth is.  Get involved.  Help your 
buddies.  Step up to the plate.  If you have what it takes.

Or if it fits your personality better, just sit around and bitch.  We know 
who you are.....

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com
NEW Planted Aquaria Magazine:        http://www.wcf.com/pam