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Ph controller deal.

Hi everyone,
I came across a great deal on a pH controller by Milwaukee Instruments. I 
have this same unit on a 65 gallon tank and it has worked flawlessly for a 
year now, only this is less money than I paid for mine. I am going to get one 
for a 90 gallon tank I just set up.
The unit is SMS122 and the price is $99. Least expensive controller I have 
ever seen.  2  2 point calibtration. Comes with probe and calibration 
solutions. I like the one I already have.

This is just to pass along some info to anyone who is interested in a 
controller. This unit only costs $10 more than some continuous monitor only 
units I have owned. With this you get both. 

I am not trying to start a debate on wether a controller is/is not needed 
with this post.

The company selling the controller is Spectrapure, a big manufacturer of R/O 
units. The URL is: www.spectrapure.com/quality_p1.htm. You can order online 
or by phone/fax.

I have no affiliation with either of these companies. Just a satisfied