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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #742

Subject: Using algae instead of plants?

I keep native sunfish and with 2 of my tanks---a 40 and
a 10 I've decided to go plantless and just grow algae on
big rocks and driftwood.   Anyone else ever tried this?
Yes. Tropheus and other species of fish love algae. I had rock
caves that were near the surface under high water flow that
would develop a nice green fur that was very attractive.
It's the same species that I grew in my algae scrubbers and it
likes lots of light and flow. I think it is the nicest species
that you can grow besides something like the Cladophora balls
etc which act more like a plant than an algae. Nice thing about
this algae ois all you need it lots of flow and air so adding a
venturi to a power head and having this blow over an exposed
portion of your wood or rock will grow it just fine. You don't
need to add anyhting except fish food. It may help a little to
do this.
Later I would take a rock covered out and place it in my algae
eater's tank and it would be clean in a few hours, same went for
the turf scrubber mat.
It sure requires less light and attention.  I plant to
add some iron and magnesium supplements to my tank periodically.
Another idea is to use the filter as a hydroponics planter box
and add a Peace lily in there and you will get the same effect
but it will be out the tank. I like the green algae myself and
think it's a good idea for what your after. you can add the
supp's if you wish but you may get a species you don't like.
Give it a try. Jobes will do as well and are cheap.
Tom Barr

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