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Re: Marbled Sword

Someone wrote.
<<  <If it is, here is my first one -- the pet store sold me a thing they 
 a marbled sword,but I can't find that plant anywhere online.It <looks like an
 Amazon sword,and has two baby plants on a runner.The leaves <did look
 attractively marbled when I bought it,but all new growth has <been plain pale
 green.......Anyway, that's enough introduction. Is there <a plant called a
 marble sword? >>

Common names are extremly misleading.  On several instance I have ordered
both fish and plants  from overseas by there the common name that they list 
in there catalogs and have gotten specimens that were not only far what I 
expected but also varried from one order to another.

On the Marbled Sword issue it could be one of several plants.  
Echinodorus "Ozelot"
Echinodorus schlueteri "Leopard"
Echinodorus coridolius "Marbled"

There are other Echinodorus species that display marbling or spotting however
these are the most commonly available species.