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Re: Bad manners and questions

>Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 00:26:10 EST
>From: CDELAHUNT at aol_com
>Man, I think I picked a bad time to lurk on this list!!  I am a total
>to planted tanks.  ....  I have done that for a couple of months, and I
think I
>have a grip on the basics, so I decided to join this list to learn more.
>I am not so sure -- when you guys aren't insulting each other, a lot of
>is said goes over my head!

We usually aren't  like this. Some discussions go on for too long and a lot
of folks get testy when no resolution is in sight. Cynthia was correct in
nuking it. As for "going over your head", there are all levels of discussion
going on. People who have been doing plants for awhile ask very detailed
questions that require in-depth answers. You have to sort out what you
understand from what you don't. In a few months, you may want more details
also. Just be careful how you ask questions about CO2!  <g>

> It sure would be nice to have some friendly folks to ask basic
>advice.  Is this the place for that?

Generally. Are better than "notes groups" at any rate,

>If it is, here is my first one -- the pet store sold me a thing they called
>marbled sword, but I can't find that plant anywhere online.  It looks like
>Amazon sword, and has two baby plants on a runner.  The leaves did look
>attractively marbled when I bought it, but all new growth has been plain

Describe how you are fertilizing the plants. It sounds like there is a
deficiency of some sort but we can't tell unless we know what you are
currently doing.

>Anyway, that's enough introduction.  Is there a plant called a
>marble sword?

Yes, but it could be one of quite a few things. More description, please.

George Booth in Ft. Collins, CO (booth at frii dot com)
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