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Re: CP's

> Subject: Utricularia gibba   -- fry killer?
> This plant came in tomy tank as a hitch hiker that I
> noticed but didn't pay much attention to.  I have
> noticed its small bladders that are capable of
> capturing tiny aquatic creatures.  My question is what
> kinds of creatures that might mean.  Tetra fry?  I
> thought I got rid of it a while back, but just
> recently found a bunch intertwined with some Rotala. 
> Surprisingly, the first Baensch Atlas recommends it as
> a good plant for the fry tank.  I find this hard to
> believe.  In removing it, I spotted a few bladders
> that appeared to contain something.  Anyone?
> >I arched an eyebrow at this statement when I read it
> Later, Cavan   who can raise EITHER eyebrow
> independently of the other 

Sure Ultricularia will eat fry but you have to take the fry and
push them into the bladders and -then- take the picture. It's
sensationalism since they are insectivores, not true fish/fry
eaters. They don't eat fry.  
Tom Barr  

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