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Re: tank sizes

> > I have a beautiful place to put a big, new tank, but no big new tank to
> > put there.  I originally wanted a 6-foot tank - either a 125 or 135
> gallon
> > tank - but after looking through the results from the aquascaping
> > showcase I'm having second thoughts.  It seems very difficult to put
> > together a cohesive aquascape in that size tank.  The aquascapes often
> > (as Karen Randall commented a couple times) "lack focus".
> > 
> > Those of you who have 6-footers, do you think that's a problem, or was
> > that just my odd sense of things?

Well, sure, it lacks focus; but I think it's really *me* that
lacks focus and not the tank.  ;-))

I'll never buy another 55g because it's too narrow.  However,
I think its width (48" or better) is about the first size where
you can lay out different environments in the same tank.
I realize that it may "lack focus" (It really does when you 
compare to the awesome Dutch style), but I'm typically
most entertained by the ecotype borders.

For example, my 180g will usually have high vegetation on 
the left and right side, and low in the middle.  I have a lot 
of fish that hang around the boundaries.  Or, I'll have a 
high middle and both sides low.  That kind of sub-divides 
the tank, and sometimes it increases harmony amongst a 
breeding pair of whatever that decide to stake out territory.

As you might guess, the very tall vegetation tends to collect
the fry and smaller fish.  I like seeing them dart in and out
as the big boys coast by.

You probably don't need a full six feet to get three different
ecotypes (I tried four and it looked terrible, unless you have
two tall types or two short types side-by-side), but the
larger tanks give you more freedom to get the tall or short
scene individually cohesive.

I'm sure it lacks focus and probably won't win any contests,
but it's fun anyway.

charleyb at cytomation_com