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Lysimachia nummularia

I grow Lysimachia nummularia "Aurea" as aquatic plant and terrestrial plant.
It is a truly amazing plant.  I first obtained this plant at a garden
center.  Well, more precisely, I picked up a couple of broken stems for free
and propagated the plant with peat moss based potting soil.  I did not  know
that they were also aquatic until I saw the name and the drawing on Tropica
website.  After the cutting took and started growing (it took no time at
all), I put one in my daughter's broken-aquarium-turned anole lizard house
(in another word a terrarium) and another one in my garden.  There they
thrived and became large mounding vines.

When I saw the picture of the plant in Tropica's site, I decided to try them
in my aquarium tanks.  To my amazement they are doing very well there as

I have one ten-gallon aquarium with 40 watt light with pH of 6.8.  Another
one is 75 gallon aquarium (only one and a half months old) lit with 220 watt
PC purchased from AH supply.  The pH of this aquarium stays around 7.5.  I
suspect the pH difference may be due to the different levels of tannic acid
from the driftwoods.  Ten gallon one has a really large driftwood stretching
from one end to the other.  75G aquarium has a even larger one but
proportionately speaking it is not a really large driftwood for 75G tank.

My water is moderately hard.  Both tanks are injected with DIY CO2
generators.  The temperature in aquarium is around 72 to 75 degree F right
now.  In summer time it got much higher (over 80 degrees F) in my 10 G tank.

They are not fussy plants.  They seem to adapt well to any conditions as
long as the light level is high enough.  In my garden the plant grow even in
the full sun light (though better in semi shade there).  Its color is almost
yellow there.  In my aquarium the color is very pretty light green.  In 10G
aquarium, I must be careful not to put them in a shaded area or else the
lower leaves turn almost white.  The white leaves hung on the plant and do
not melt away.  The top keeps on growing so I just cut off the top part and
replant them in a bright area.  In my 75 G tank  they are doing even better
there since none of my other plants are tall enough to shade them, yet.

I hope this helps.