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RE:Crypts and moss

For emmersed crypts tanks, the moss makes a nice "cap" for the crypt's pots
like the moss on a bonsai.
Hairgrass, Riccia, dwarf clover, etc will grow as well. It doesn't crowd the
plants at all. Just pull it off here and there if you feel things are
starting to get like that. I try to get a few of my pots to have some cover
like this in my tanks. A few do but I repot as they grow so then I have to
start over each time or risk being root bound or having to get bigger
pots/tanks...which I want:) Speaking of pots etc the flourite has proved to
be a excellent emmersed substrate for all the crypts I've had/have.
Crypts seem to respond very well to close direct root competition. They have
some morphologies that help and they don't need a lot of food. The moss and
others seem to help more than hurt both below and above water.
Tom Barr