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Re: acid and hard water

KH of 8 is fine. Mines 6-7 and there's not going to be a whole lot of
difference in a KH of 8. Just adjust your CO2 rate to match the level you
want for CO2 ppm levels off the chart if your KH changes. Forget the acid
You have everything already to work very well with CO2 and plants. No need
to mess with it. Unless you cannot stand but to play with it:)

> Well, if could have a constant KH of 6 in my tank, I probably wouldn't need
> to reduce it. For some reason, the KH of my tank water is 8 degrees, no
> matter how much water I change. But I also wanted to know if I could really
> use this method, just in case.>

Case of what?

> Tap water chemistry can change, such as
> seasonally.
Testing and adjusting CO2 rate will solve that. You'll have to do testing
with acid additions also.

Tom Barr