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Re: Add 'P' to induce flowering ?

> encourage flowering. But in Aquatic planting, conventional wisdom said that
> 'P' is supposed to be limited intentionally so to discourage algae growth.
> What if we limit the 'Fe' for algae control instead (as recommended in Diana

I doubt that limiting iron will be an effective method of controlling
algae in a planted tank.  Too many plants would suffer before the algae
would be controlled.

If you want to try, add a jobes spike (or a piece of a spike) at the roots of
the plant, since the spikes contain phosphates.    I regularly use jobes spikes,
and while I can't make a definite connection, my banana plant recently flowered,
as did my cabomba.   With the banana plant, it got lots of jobes spikes, so I
believe there is a connection.   Less so with the cabomba.

Chuck Gadd