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Re: Anubias nana var. lanceolata

> If I remember the classifications right, there is no Anubias nana var.
> lanceolata.  "Nana" is a variety of A. barteri.

Right. I remembered that as I sent the posting off.........

> A small anubias with lanceolate leaves might be A. barteri var. barteri.

It is a very nice looking plant and nearly indestructable. Very shade

> The plant I once grew and thought to be A. lanceolata was a large plant
> that grew well emersed, not so well submersed and didn't grow at all
> potted. It's leaves were deep green, smooth and waxy-looking, lanceolate,
> vertical and 18" long.  It had a creeping rhizome about 3/4 inch thick.

Yes. I have a plant that resembles this and it's big.  But these plants are
very small regardless of the growing conditions. They are slow growing, even
for Anubias. They make a fine foreground plant even though I may be old and
grey before they would fill in nicely. Perhaps an attempt to grow them
emerse is the answer.

Are there any Anubias "Identification Keys" available anywhere? Where is the
most current taxonomic information on this genus?  Do I need to get it to
flower first before knowing truly what I have?

Brian Perkins
West Linn, OR