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Re: Can K2O replace K2SO4?

Hello Dennis,

K2O is NOT a item of commerce. In the fertilizer industry it is an
accepted method of expressing potassium content in a product.

What you probably have is a dried waste-stream or by-product that
contains potassium and God knows what else. It might be perfectly OK to
use as fertilizer, but before using it in a tank of fish I would test it
for toxicity (acute & long-term). 

Many such by-products contain phenols, sulfides, and/or some other toxic
compounds -- not something one would want in a fish tank!



> Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 05:29:04 -0800 (PST)
> From: Dennis Chua <dennis_chua at excite_com>
> Subject: K2O replace K2SO4 ?
> Hi
> I found in a local garden shop selling 1kg package of K2O.
> Can it be used instead of K2SO4 ? Can I follow the same "1/4 tsp one to
> twice a week" dosage if K dosing has a larger window ? Without going into
> detail chemical calculation I am guessing there will be more K
> spoon-for-spoon comapre K2O to K2SO4. But how much ?
> Thanks
> dc