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re: CO2 end of tank experiment.

Wayne wrote:

Hi there
    I am running a similar set-up (125 gal tank, 5 lb. cylinder, 
1-2 bubbles /min) . I am wondering how long your 5 lb. cylinder 
lasts? My 5 lb.er was just installed and I don't know how long to 
expect it to last. I was using a small 12 ounce cylinder that would 
last almost 2 weeks at 1-2 bubbles /min. That works out to about 1 
ounce/day. If I expand that to a 5 lb. cylinder that should last 
around 80 days. Is this about right in your experience?

Wayne Martin
wamart at vaxxine_com

I reply:
I have never used the 5# cylinder. Just got it a couple months ago. I can 
tell you that my 20# tank lasted about 16 months, so if your bubble rate is 
like mine you might expect 4 months or so. Just a guess.