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Re: CO2 end of tank experiment.

Dave G. wrote:
"If you have a device (such as an Eheim diffusor) that runs at 15psi (more
or less), and you encounter an unprotected dump at end of tank, the input
to the Eheim will rise from 15psi to maybe 150 and a huge dump will occur
thru the Eheim."

And another thing Dave. If that regulator rose 135 psi then that means that 
your regulator's outlet pressure rise is approximately 16.875 psi / 100 psi. 
The math is as follows

135 psi increase / 8 times that the regulator has dropped 100 psi = 16.875 

I say 8 times since the CO2 cylinder is at 830 psi @ 70 degrees F so the 
pressure will need to go down 100 psi 8 times for the cylinder to empty. 
That's a BIG outlet pressure rise on that regulator. Is my math wrong on any 
of this? Or did I miss anything?

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