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RE:Cannister Filters

  Dave: I have a "three series"(203),as well as a "four series"(404)...the new
04 series have higher gal/hr ratings,but the primary reason I would not
consider the 03's is that the 04's are infinately easier to service.I'm sure
that now that the 04's have been out for a year there may be some excellent
deals on any existing stock of 03's...but having turned the air blue @ each
servicing of the 203....my moneys on the 04's.
   As for the spraybar,you can simply purchase these items(they will be
labelled as for a Fluval 03,but will work with the 04's) I made one for my 404
from PVC(potable water safe)....I poked a piece of wooden doweling inside the
pipe while I drilled the holes to prevent the pipe from colapsing under the
force of the drill.
                                                     James(Western Canada) 

>I'm going to buy a Fluval cannister filter and am trying to decide >between
the 303 and the 304. The 303 is older but comes with a spray bar. >The 304 is
newer but no spray bar. What do you think of the spray bar and >if it's 
useful, how easy is it to make one?

fortunejd at usa_net

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