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Re: Cannister Filters

Dave Kotschi <dkotschi at mindspring_com> wrote:

> I'm going to buy a Fluval cannister filter and am trying to decide between 
> the 303 and the 304.  The 303 is older but comes with a spray bar.  The 304 
> is newer but no spray bar.  What do you think of the spray bar and if it's 
> useful, how easy is it to make one?

If you are talking about a planted tank, forget the spray bar. You are going
to use it submerged anyway. I have a 303, used the spray bar submerged for a 
while and then got rid of it. Clogs easily with bacterial film and it is a
pain to clean. I replaced it with a simple wide mouth return made of PVC 
fittings that is almost entirely out of water so it is even less visible than
the spray bar. Btw, I also would skip the Fluval entirely and would go with 
an Eheim instead. The Ecco is reasonably priced and provides plenty of room
for mechanical media, which is the only thing you need in a filter in a 
planted tank. My personal opinion anyway.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD