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disinfecting new plants?

Hello all, I'm new to the list, and relatively new to plants in the aquarium.
     In a couple of days I'll be increasing the light in my tank to decent
levels by adding a new hood.  I'll also be trying DIY CO2.
     I want to grow something besides Java Fern, of course, so I'll be 
in some stores for plants.  I don't want to carry in any nasty critters or
germs, though on the new plants.   How much of a concern is this?  Is it only 
concern if hte plants are in a tank with fish?  What if the plants are kept by
the store in a "plants only" setup?   I know a couple of places with a few
plants available in plants only tanks(no fish, but hte inevitable snail or 
      If I should disenfect these new plants somehow, how do I so so without
killing them?
     Thanks loads and loads for any information you all send my way.