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Experiment gone wrong.

Well, I wanted to see if covering the tank in total darkness would rid of
the black algae for 5 days, to see if my theory about incandescent bulbs
were correct, here are my findings. I found that plants can grow without
light, the bulb grew just a huge stem, and my jungle val grew about 5"
without light for 5 days. On top of that, I know have 5 times the amount of
black algae growing in my tank.. Most of it is now all over my driftwood
which means I'd have to throw away the driftwood in order to get rid of
since there's plants growing all over the driftwood like java moss, which
i'm not able to break apart yet. I have also noted that my hygro green which
was suffering a lot is looking much healther since I had light. So
apparently black algae will grow without light for long periods of time, so
it will take me 3 weeks before I can put an incandescent fixture on top of
the tank, allowing the plants and fish time to recover. So until then my
theory about black algae being killed off by incandescent lighting still
holds, unless there's some other reason it won't grow in other tanks that
have excess nutrients.

- Matt