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C. japonica hard to rear (was: Are Chrystal reds just imaginary? apd V4 #676)

Shrimps, crayfishes, and crabs in the freshwater aquarium", 1998 by Uwe
Werner, published by Verlag (www.aqualog.de >> book shop >> advisory >>
shrimps. I got mine from Lee Finley  <lfinley at loa_com> ), says:
"The most well-known shrimp of this genus is the attractively-coloured
Caridina serrata.  It is imported via Hong Kong, from where other
freshwater shrimps are known as well.  Like C. lanceifrons, Neocaridina
serrata, and Macrobrachium hainanense, it lives in running water. ...
They avoid brackish water.  The hardness should be rather low, the pH a
little below 7 (6.8)."

   Mr. Werner goes on to say, seemingly speaking of the whole genus
Caridina, as well as Neocaridina, that "If these animals are healthy ...
they will breed without difficulty. ... Eventually well-developed young
shrimps (no larval forms) are released, ... Their further rearing is
quite easy, especially as they don't need special food if they are kept
in an 'old', well-planted aquarium with a lot of algae.  In addition,
the adults do not eat their fry."  However, though the 'net contains one
or two postings about eggs hatching, I've not heard of anyone rearing C.
japonica, at least, to adulthood, despite the fact that my female
frequently carries eggs, and this evidently _isn't_ unusual, in that
several others have also reported it.  If anyone has accomplished
rearing, I'd love to hear how!

   Unfortunately, I've no pointers for you regarding a source of the
animals.  Perhaps someone else will chime in...

"Michael Webb" <webbdog at bellsouth_net> wrote
> I have been trying to find information on how to acquire a hybrid form of
> the Caridina species for my heavily planted 54 gallon tank. I have searched
> the archives but no help was there. It is called Caridina serrata or the
> crystal red bee shrimp. I have e-mail several people but not only do they
> not know of where to purchase them, they have never even heard of them.
> There is something however on them at a web site called Joe's aquatic
> lounge. You are my last hope, if they exist does any one know where they can
> be purchased.