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Re: CO2 tubing

Paul Sears wrote:
" The quoted permeability for CO2 is such that if the tube wall is
1 mm thick, and the pressure across it is 1 cm of mercury, then you will
lose about 2.5 x 10^-6 millilitres per second through each square centimetre
of tube wall.  The partial pressure difference across mine is about 76 cm
of mercury, so I may be losing a few mL per hour.  I suppose that is
significant - I could shorten the tube.  It's the partial pressure of CO2,
not the overall pressure difference that matters - nitrogen and oxygen
are diffusing _in_ as well."

.....uncrossing my eyes, I ask:

OK, so what are the alternatives that a hobbyist can look for to deliver
pressurised CO2 from the regulator to the aquarium?

i.e. what types of tubing are NOT permeable and will stay flexible (not be
adversely affected by the CO2 gas)?

James Purchase