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My SAE of a year and a half eat even my crypts!

Regularly people are looking for real SAE. Well, the first year that I got
my five, they did a very fine job. They at my furry algae and my black
brushes and some green soft stuff in my 120 gallon. They are nice schooling
 I also feed them Hikari tablets for bottomfeeders and magnetronized peaces
of cucumber. They grew fast. They are already longer now than the length of
my hand.

Since a few month they discovered first my Egeria densa and then my
Hygrophila polysperma and Hygrophila rosafolia as eatable. They eat it
completely bare to the main nerve of the leaves. Last week they also
discovered my Hygrophila that has more hard leaves... Yesterday, I caught
them in the act of biting peaces of several of my cryptos.
So, please, although it is said they do not eat plants, and if they do, they
only eat from weak plants, believe me, they can be ruinous to a planted
tank. Frankly, I do not know how to stop them. One thing is clear: they are
far too fast for me to even think I may catch them and give them away.
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Sietske Tol from the Netherlands