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AH Supply On-Line

The ease with which the AH Supply lights go together depends on your ability
to follow the wiring diagram supplied, and to use a few tools like a pair of
cutting pliers and a wire stripper. You have to connect the compact
flourescent lamp, and a power cord, to the ballast, a total of seven
connections in all. The instructions are quite detailed and well written.

I purchased two 96 watt lamps, for my 55 gallon tank, one is 5000K, and the
other 6700K.
The plants should respond well to the 5000 and the 6700 at the front will
give a more appealing appearance. I found the people at AH Supply to be very
efficient, and nice to deal with.

Hope this helps

Michale Herman <chfadmmadine at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Subject: Ah Supply online
> I have a few questions about AHSupply.com lights. I
> heard people say that they are easy to put together,
> is that true. And I am thinking of getting a 55watt
> 21.3" bulb. But on its website it has 3 different
> types, 5300K, 6700K, and Dk. Blue. what are the
> difference between all of them and what one would be
> good for a planted tank. Thank you for all of the help
> I get.