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Re: Ah Supply online & Arizona Aquatic Gardens


Just want to share my experiences with the above two companies.  First, I am 
extremely happy with both. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens called me several times to discuss my order and make 
sure I was happy.  The quality was great.  The shipping was also very good.

AH Supply online was also excellent.  I ordered online.  I received a 
confirming e-mail when I placed the order and one that very afternoon 
leeting me know the order shipped.  Two days later I had the package.

I ordered the twin 36 watt retro kit and decided to build the hood myself.  
I am probably the least handy person on this least so I was intimidated at 
the task ahead.  However, the instructions turned out to be extremely easy 
to follow.  I wired the lamps in a matter of minutes and, to my surprise, 
the lamps turned on when I plugged it in.  By the way, AH Supply provides a 
very nice kit.  Well made.

Overall, I had a great experience all the way around.


Art Giacosa
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