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re: water conditioner

Tracie wrote:

> Could someone recommend a water conditioner that is good to use for planted tanks?
> I have been using Amquel already but am worried that it may not be a good choice for
> planted tanks.  Does anyone know?  I do not have chloramine in my water supply.

My personal choice is Seachem "Prime".   It's cheaper than most (when you look
at the number of gallons treated), and it will handle chlorine and chloramine.

Chloramine is simply a combination of chlorine and ammonia.  The water conditioners
that treat for chloramine as well as chlorine just include chemicals to neutralize
ammonia in addition to the chemicals to eliminate the chlorine.  If you had
chloramine treated water, and you were to use a water conditioner that only treated
for chlorine, then you would be adding ammonia to your tank.

If you are 100% sure that you don't have chloramine, and never will have chloramine
(water treatment plants are slowly converting to chloramine), then you could go
even cheaper by finding some Sodium Thiosulfate, which is the chlorine neutralizer
ingredient used in most if not all of the water conditioners.   

Chuck Gadd