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Re: That's It (CO2 Systems)


On Wed, 15 Nov 2000 James Purchase wrote

> <Snip>
> Lyndle, I'd _really_ be interested in the results you are able to obtain
> from the use of this "mini regulator" as the pressure within your CO2
> cylinder falls. With a single stage regulator, the output pressure will rise
> as the cylinder pressure decays and this information is usually available
> from the manufacturer. The magnitude of this rise in pressure varies from
> regulator to regulator, and while price is an indicator, it isn't a
> guarantee that the output can be held stable as the cylinder empties. With a
> typical two stage regulator, the output pressure rise as cylinder pressure
> drops is usually at least an order of magnitude smaller than a single stage
> model and in some cases is considered negligable.
> I'd be interested in knowing what you are disputing in Dave's comments - can
> your "mini regulator" hold a final output pressure as cylinder pressure
> decays, and/or how much of a rise is observed as cylinder pressure decays?
> Or are you just claiming that its cheap (as in inexpensive)?
> James Purchase
> Toronto


My Co2 system consists of a 5 lb. bottle with an ordinary dual gauge beer tap
regulator with the output pressure set at 50 psi.  This feeds into an oxygen
regulator which has the output pressure set at 5 psi.  Finally, it's metered by
a Nupro "S" valve.

At this very moment, my Co2 system is running perfectly with the bottle pressure
gauge on the beer tap regulator reading zero.  It's been at zero for about a
week now.   The supply pressure gauge on the oxygen regulator is just now
starting to drop.  I think it's at 30 psi now.  This is the third time I've let
this system "run dry", without any casualties.

Oh, and the bubble count doesn't vary at all... until it stops.

Bob Ashcraft
Pittsburgh, PA