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Isn't this pathetic

I've been following along on the list, reading messages from people who
hestitate to pursue a simple hobby for fear that the state will break down
their doors and shoot them in their sleep.

Isn't this a most pathetic example of "Land of the Free"?

Perhaps the time will come when all of you will wake up to just how close we
are moving to the fascist states we sacrificed so much to overthrow.
Perhaps in two or four or ten years you will all go to the polls and vote,
not democrat for they are a pale shadow of international communism, not
republican, for they are a pale shadow of fascism, but Libertarian, Reform
or Independent.

Perhaps, in time, you will vote for what you believe and it will not take
the destruction of your property or the life of an innocent friend to move
you to do it.  Perhaps you will realize that too much government is a bad
thing, before it's too late.

Or perhaps I overstate it, maybe it's better if we all just stick to crypts
and anubias, or maybe just plastic plants.  Is it really worth fighting for?
After all, it's only a hobby.