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Re: Is a pleco safe for a guppy tank?

Bob (not me) writes:

> or will it eat the baby guppies at night while they are sleeping? 
>  Just a small common $2 plecostamus from Wal-mart. 
>  My tank has green hairy algae all over everything.  I only had one
>  huge female guppy and a few snails in there until yesterday, when I
>  added a male guppy.  If she doesn't kill the male, there oughtta be
>  lots of baby guppies eventually; maybe the guppies will keep the algae
>  under control if there's enough of them.  Wha'd'ya think?  Thanks.

The guppies are reported to love algae.  I have heard rumore of otherwise 
vegetarian plecos turning night-stalker.  Otocinclus cats would be safer and 
just as effective, athough you may need a couple of them.  Three per ten 
gallons is recommended, but I get by with fewer.

Bob Dixon
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