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Re:Green house

> 1.    How are the lighing fixtures protected w/in the greenhouse when the
> humidity is so high?
> 2.    I assume CF lights use less energy than MH lights.  Thus, can CF lights
> be used in a greenhouse?
> I'm thinking of building a greenhouse for some swords to over - "winter"
> and am curious to learn from others who grow orchids and other exotics.
> Have you tried growing your aquatic plants in your green house?
> On another note, does anyone know of a SAFE, LEGAL & ABOVE BOARD way to
> obtain hydroponic equipment that will not inadvertently automatically
> "red-flag" me w/ the local flat-foots?

Why use artificial light? You live were the plants grow:) That's the
cheapest method. Most swords will make it just fine. They do fine in dry
California so I think the warmer wetter Florida should be able to do most
any plant. They may need some extra warmth or simply add them to a
semi-sealed greenhouse with some clear/or white light panels and some extra
water/mister/humidifier etc. Often from the heat alone, there's plenty of
vapor added in the green house. Just keep it wet. With hydroponics you'll
have plenty of moisture unless there's lots of air flow through the
enclosure. You can also heat the water to maintain heat and humidity.

The police will do what they want pretty much:)
If your not doing anything illegal you won't have any problems is what they
like to say..........
I do not agree with that line of reasoning.....even if I don't have
something to hide......
Your doing a business/hobby so if they do ask, you do not have to tell them
anything. It's up to them to prove your doing something illegal. Not a
hunch. I'd be getting quite upset at being attacked late at night for my
aquatic plants. I had my MH lights in plain site of the police. Never did
they ever ask and they had plenty of opportunities. I would be on the phone
the next day to find the SOB who is going around around assuming everyone is
breaking the law and discriminating and profiling people. Someone would pay.
I am not going to live in fear of it though. It's up to them to make the
first move. I'll sue/raise hell later:)
Some authorities skate the edge of the law to look for criminal activity.
Some have their hands full already:) It's hit or miss for them. They will
miss with me:)
Of course if your a Chinese/Taiwanese physicist, you don't have such
rights......they will (and did) jail your butt on a hunch.......
Tom Barr