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Aphids, snails, duckweed and hair algae

I noticed some aphids the other day on the floating leaves of my jungle val. 
They are all over it! What is the bast/quickest way to get rid ot them? I 
also have a ton of snails in my tank. There is snail poop all over the 
leaves of my plants, although the leaves were not eaten. What is the best 
war to rid my tank of them? I also found some hair algae on the old leaves 
of my jungle val. Is there a good way to rid of it without cutting off the 
leaves. BTW there is duckweed all over the top of my tank and is getting 
bad. Should I try to get it off by hand every day untill it is all gone?

Ryan Duff
Pottstown, Pa
duffy730 at hotmail_com

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