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New setup

I'm in the final stages of completing a new 100 gallon plant tank. It's a
plexi 60x18x20. I went with cable heat & laterite again. I am injecting c02
via a 20lb bottle and fine control valve    I just received my filtration
and lighting this weekend and have them both up and running. I went with the
AH Supply 4 x 55 w CF's and the new Fluval 404. I'm very impressed with

With my first tank ( a 45) I was able to take my time in stocking it.
However, I am now faced with a shipment of Rainbows that will force me to
stock it immediately. I have introduced many mature plants and a ton of
Hornwort on Saturday. The Hornwort immediately started bubbling.  

My question is.....while I know it's not wise (to say the least) to stock
immediately does anyone have suggestions to help minimize the problems I
will most likely be faced with ? btw, I haven't located any SAE's in Seattle