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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #643

> Howdy All,
> I am thinking of remodeling my Chiclid tank, which is currently a 20
> gal. with one Convict Chiclid, and two Lyre Tails. Now, I know that
> Chiclids are plant destroyers, and I certainly see them digging away.
> The tank they are in currently has some really nice silk fakies, but I
> want to get some real plants going on. So the question is, any
> suggestions for planting an aquarium for these guys? I'm thinking of
> buying a hex, but they look deep, and I ain't getting another expensive
> light fixture.

I like the cork backing with Moss or Anubias, Bolbitis, Java fern etc.
attached to the back wall.
> Another question: When I started my planted 55, I used all medium/coarse
> gravel, around 2-5 mm. I later mixed some kitty litter in as best I
> could. Overall, assuming no other deficiencies, how much will this
> substrate limit me? Will it get ok or good as it ages in and mulm
> accumulates? 
Yes. It's decent. I liked it when I did it.

One of my plants, (can't find the tag, think it is a
> "Cardinal" somedangthing) is growing roots out in the water column. Is
> this a sign of anything?

Nope:) It's likely an Alternanthera reineckii var. perhaps "lilacia". It can
get rooty. In the shade in my tanks it does not do this as much and has
leggy growth. Bushy with roots in the high light areas.
Tom Barr