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THAT's IT!!! (CO2 systems)

I'd just like to report that since my question sometime, maybe 2 months ago? 
when I was questioning which wine yeast to use, and the thread grew into how 
to prolong and get the most out of any diy yeast system, I have had much 
better success with my bottles. Very little tinkering required, and it's 
lasting quite a bit longer. I'm getting better and more prolonged production 
even with the 2nd setup since then. I've decided when the bottle slows down 
significantly, I move it to a 10 gallon tank, where it is just enough.

I don't know--I feel like this is pretty fail-proof once you've got it 
working and everything in place. I get enough production for plants to pearl 
and grow well, never had anything really horrible happen which killed a fish, 
and it's cheap. Of course you can look down your nose at my ignorance and 
Neanderthal methods, but what makes a tank of gas more sophisticated? 
Although I love technology, it's only useful if it enhances or makes life 
easier or accomplishes something that can't be done another way. Maybe DIY 
yeast seems crude, but heck, a tank of CO2 gas can't be called rocket science 
either. That setup would match the decor about as well as a 2 liter bottle of 
yeast & sugar. The only way I'd upgrade if I had the $ is if there was a 
nearly hands-off,  but absolutely fool-proof system made specifically for 
aquarium use. And something closer to rocket science.

My thanks to all who responded back then to my questions. They were of great 

Jeff, you have my condolences. I always hate when fish die, too.