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Re: THAT's IT!!! (CO2 systems)

From: "The Bodin's" <bodin1 at gte_net> 
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 21:04:22 -0800 
> This gang can argue all they want about high-pressure vs. low pressure CO2
> systems, but I have just had an all-fish death due to the "dump" of a
> "High-Pressure" system. I had 400 lbs of CO2 when I left for work this
> morning and tonight the can is empty. You can advertise all you want about
> how "safe" this type of system is if properly set up right, but the facts
> are if a system is safe it should NEVER (EVER!) do this.
> No matter what anyone says ever again on this list I will stand on my head
> naked (and no one wants to see that, believe me) before I'll ever have
> anything positive to say about this type of system. I will also freverently
> anti-market this system because of this experience. This sucker is going in
> the garbage.
Before you throw it away, you might wanna see if you can find a needle
valve to attach to your regulator.  If your diffuser fails when the
pressure increases, the needle valve will restrict the flow and prevent
another disaster.

You could also reuse your CO2 tank and regulator, and add a little
preset propane regulator after your existing regulator to drop the
pressure down to about 1/2 psig.  You would need a new diffuser of some
sort. The potential problem with this is now the back pressure, or
"head", becomes significant and the flow rate will vary with the water
level in your aquarium -- so you still need some kind of restrictor
valve to regulate the flow (but at 1/2 psig, you can use a really cheap

Did the diffuser pop loose from the hose, or did it crack?  I think I
would base my decision on whether the high pressure diffuser was

Best regards,