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Re: THAT's IT!!! (CO2 systems)

Jeff wrote:

> This gang can argue all they want about high-pressure vs. low pressure CO2
> systems, but I have just had an all-fish death due to the "dump" of a
> "High-Pressure" system. I had 400 lbs of CO2 when I left for work this
> morning and tonight the can is empty. You can advertise all you want about
> how "safe" this type of system is if properly set up right, but the facts
> are if a system is safe it should NEVER (EVER!) do this.

I understand you are upset, but I think it would be helpful to figure out 
what actually happened.   First of all, 400 PSI is FAR under the minimum tank
pressure.  On my regulator, it's clearly marked to change the tank once
the pressure is under 600 PSI.

> Anyone want a high-pressure system now! I have one for cheap! I could also
> use a reccomendation on a real "fail-safe" system, and if it is back to
> yeast/sugar, so be it.

The difference between a high-pressure system and a low-pressure system is
really just adding a needle-valve and a new reactor.   You can get an
in-line needle-valve from Marine-Monsters for $25.00.  Just connect that
to the output of your current regulator, and add a reactor to dissolve
the CO2 into the water, and you've now got a low-pressure system.

> Am I Pixxxx?!?!?! You bet. Especially at the people/persons who sell these
> things (sold one to me) and brag at how safe they are. If anyone has any

Well, seeing the pressure gauge at 400 PSI should have rung a few bells.  I'm
very sorry for your loss of fish, but you could have avoided it by 1) replacing
the tank when the pressure dropped, indicating that you were almost out of CO2,
or 2) turning off the CO2 until you had time to replace the tank.

Chuck Gadd