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Re:CO2 Issues

Jeff's CO2 dumping disaster prompts me to again bring up an idea I have
suggested two or three times previously---the use of capillary tubing as a
"valve" to control flow.  I am thinking of the kind of glass capillary
tubing that has very thick walls with a narrow capillary running down the
center as in a glass thermometer.  At a given pressure, the flow should be
inversely proportional to the length of capillary tubing, and the length
can be adjusted by adding or subtracting pieces of tubing in series.  The
tubing can be purchased with a variety of capillary diameters.  Somebody
ought to try it.  I don't use pressurized CO2 because I have found a good
source of approximately 3% CO2 that I can collect and introduce into my

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi, where the drought continues.