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Re: CO2 issues

Tom wrote:

> Another is to raise your KH up high. This is a bit more dicey. But at the
> higher KH your pH will not swing as much to big dumps.

Isn't that a mis-statement?   Regardless of the KH, the size of the pH swing
would be the same, wouldn't it?   The starting and ending pH values would
be higher, but the size of the movement would be the same.   

> think I did:) Didn't kill as many fish but did take every one of them out. I
> don't always check the level nor do many on this list so it sure helps to
> make sure you have a back up in case you don't look much ever leave to go
> away on vacation etc.

I was all set to leave town for a week, when I noticed my CO2 level had just
starting dropping.  It was right at the top of the "change tank" level.  So
right in the middle of packing/etc, I grab the tank, run down to the gas
place, and find they are out of 5lb tanks!   I got lucky, the manager there
traded me a 10lb tank for my 5lb.  So I got a free upgrade out of the deal!

I don't pay a lot of attention to the CO2 regulator, but it seems like it
catches my eye if the pressure isn't where it normally is.   And once I
see it starting to drop, I change it right away.   I'm famous for my
procrastinating, but I drop everything when the CO2 pressure starts to

Chuck Gadd