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Re: fluorescent tubes

>>My first idea was to use a TL'D/940 in combination with a TL'D/950 (which
>>5300K). But after talking to Philips I found out that the only the
>>(3000K) is available in 30W in the TL'D/90 series in Denmark. But this is 
>>warm white and to low a color temp., right? 
>Hi there!:-)), No it's not. Especially if you consider to use 1 TLD/930 and
>Lumilux/72-965: 3000K + 6500K => 9500K/2= 4750K not so bad!;-) 

>>The situation is somewhat the same for Osram, but they have the 
>>Lumilux/72-965. It has a CRI > 90 and a color temp. of approx. 6500K. It
>>a color distribution of "natural sun light". They call the distribution 
>>"biolux" but does not otherwise describe it. How does that sound? does 
>>anybody know this tube? It has a lumen output approx. like the TL'D/90. 
>yes, I know 'biolux' tubes from Osram since 3 years ago. They work pretty 
>well. I'm European (Italian) and I've always used fluo tubes with CRI>90. 
>The lumen output of Biolux is exactly the same of the other Tld90's tubes. 
>That's to say lower the the TLD80 series, less bright. Which leads to the 
>consequence that you should put at least one more 30W tube, to achieve the 
>same lumen output. 
>best wishes, Luca

As I understand it, Wayne (and others) thinks that the lumen output in it
does not matter much regarding plant grow!?!?
I have an aluminum hood with good reflectors that is really nice except it
only room for two tubes. It is not currently an option to change the hood.
what matters most in this setting: the continuous spectrum of the 900 lamps
the higher lumen output (50% higher) of the 800 lamps?


PS: I think we in Europe always are talking T8, not T12!