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Eichornia diversifolia


I have some Eichornia diversifolia that Tom Barr sent to me last winter.
It grows in my tanks, but the leaves always turn black an inch or so below
the end of the stem. Tom mentioned that this could be caused by an
allelopathic interaction, but I don't think I'm keeping the plants with
any of the species that Tom thought caused it problems.  Does anyone know
what might cause/cure this problem?

It's in a 10-gallon tank with 30 watts of NO fluorescent lighting.  I mix
magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride into all my change water, and
change 15% per week. The water is soft but strongly buffered.  The tank
gets yeast CO2 and iron gluconate tablets in the substrate.  Temperature
is at 78 degrees F, but it's warmer during summer.  Besides the Eichornia
the tank is planted with C. wendtii, Echinodorus tenellus (regular and
dwarf), dwarf lobelia, "willow leaf" hygrophilla and some floating
hornwort and duck weed.  For animal company it has male guppies, female
swordtails and a couple otos plus MT and ramshorn snails.

Roger Miller