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Alternative CO2

I think we've discussed (and dismissed) using seltzer water or club soda
for CO2 dosing, but I don't remember why this idea was discarded.  Was
it the cost, or the controllability?  The reason I'm asking is I have
two aquariums in different rooms of the house, and only one CO2 tank.  I
can make seltzer water in seconds and at no cost using the CO2 tank.  I
was thinking of adding a shot of seltzer water to my smaller tank every
morning to boost the CO2 a little.  The water is quite hard, so I
shouldn't have to worry about it "crashing" if I go easy on the seltzer.

Wha'd'ya think?  It would be easier than messing with a yeast bottle.

Hmmm, what about filling a big balloon (or a small tire) with CO2, and
hooking it to a needle valve....

Or I could boost the CO2 level in the whole room with a bunsen burner or
a big candle....

Best regards,